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Anónimo preguntó: Sometimes I really don't like talking about Marilyn to people because with all the false information, it's like you have to "de-program" all the false negative bullshit about her just to have a conversation. I think there something's wrong with that. It's like exhausting to think about how much people don't know, that you have to "explain" why you like her instead of just saying her name and people being like "Oh gosh, yes!" or "Oh okay" w/o making a weird face.


Oh my god I feel the exact same way! I couldn’t have said it better. When people find out I love her they always ask me why I love her followed by numerous ignorant accusations (the best part is that think they’re so educated about her omg). It does get annoying that I have to explain myself when I shouldn’t have to. I really have to bring myself to stay calm and try to have an intelligent conversation about her. I also noticed I can’t just have a quick, pleasant conversation about her and call it a day—I have to talk about her whole life for them to understand why and how her image today is nothing like who she really was. I love talking about Marilyn but not when I feel like I’m wasting my time with someone who doesn’t care what I have to say and for some crazy reason they still think they’re right—that just makes me angry! 


Fake Pockets: A How To

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